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U.S. Bankruptcy Court - Western District of Texas
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16-50026-cag_Carl_N Merkle_2017-08-15_230841.pdf 08-16-2017
17-07002-tmd_American_Standard Energy, Corp., A Nevada Corp. et v. Geronimo Holding Corporation et al_2017-08-08_230854.pdf 08-09-2017
17-50814-cag_Jose_Francisco Ortiz-Peredo and Lilia Guadalupe Lopez_2017-07-18_230931.pdf 07-19-2017
16-50026-cag_Carl_N Merkle_2017-07-14_230813.pdf 07-15-2017
16-51059-cag_Waheeda_T Kara_2017-07-13_231003.pdf 07-14-2017
16-11384-tmd_Frederick_Leland Stanford and Deborah Lynn Stanford_2017-06-28_231216.pdf 06-29-2017
16-01102-tmd_Satija_v. United States Of America Internal Revenue Service_2017-06-14_231209.pdf 06-15-2017
16-01101-tmd_Quezada_et al v. Internal Revenue Service_2017-06-12_231009.pdf 06-13-2017
15-01110-hcm_Munoz,_Jr., Assignee v. Cedar Park Construction, LLC et al_2017-06-08_231022.pdf 06-09-2017
15-01118-tmd_Higgs_v. Colliau_2017-05-25_090716.pdf 05-25-2017
15-52459-cag_Stan_P Bates_2017-05-15_231124.pdf 05-16-2017
12-53022-rbk_Oralia_Garcia Perez_2017-05-05_230953.pdf 05-06-2017
16-10020-tmd_FPMC_Austin Realty Partners, LP_2017-03-10_230859.pdf 03-11-2017
15-05028-rbk_Lopez v. Hernandez et al_2017-01-17 23;07;06.pdf 01-18-2017
16-01004-hcm_Xtreme Power Plan Trust, by and through Angelo DeC v. Schindler et al_2016-12-22 23;07;44.pdf 12-23-2016
16-50552-cag_Palmaz Scientific Inc. and ABPS Venture One, Ltd._2016-11-22 23;06;59.pdf 11-23-2016
15-05083-cag_United States of America v. Gandy et al_2016-11-04 23;07;07.pdf 11-05-2016
15-05047-cag_Patek et al v. Alfaro et al_2016-09-29 23;07;09.pdf 09-30-2016
16-10437-tmd_Thomas Shawn Erickson and Valerie Lynn Erickson_2016-09-26 23;07;24.pdf 09-27-2016
16-03005-hcm_Robbins v. Wolf_2016-09-15 23;06;51.pdf 09-16-2016
16-03002-hcm_Osherow et al v. Charles_2016-09-15 23;06;47.pdf 09-16-2016
16-05005-cag_Doolittle v. Doolittle_2016-09-08 23;10;09.pdf 09-09-2016
15-53097-cag_Raymond Arthur Crawford and Debra Ann Crawford_2016-08-24 23;06;42.pdf 08-25-2016
14-11240-tmd_Russell Allen Graves and Carol L. Graves_2016-08-19 23;08;32.pdf 08-20-2016
16-50778-cag_Sanjel (USA) Inc. and Suretech Completions (USA) Inc._2016-07-29 23;07;20.pdf 07-30-2016
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